Out with the old.

No, I’m not dropping out of school.

Waking up Monday morning has not been a highlight of my week thusfar. But I think we’ve figured out a way to make the Monday “thunk” a little gentler.

Mike works almost every night at a sandwich shop which delivers till midnight on week nights, 1:30 on weekends. We have 9:00 or 9:30 a.m. class every day of the week. Meals for us that aren’t made at the shop mostly come out of a lunchbox on organ practice breaks. Our schedule in this season of life doesn’t afford us many chances to come home together, which is the stereotypical thing for couples to do, right? He comes home after a long day’s work, she’s got dinner in the oven and a cheerful kiss and hug at the door. That’s happened to us a couple times since we got married and boy is it great! But that is not going to be our life for now. So I think we’re going to adopt yesterday’s spontaneity as our Monday routine.

We roll out of bed in time to get to Renaissance music history class at 9:05. Then Mike practices organ while I prepare for my voice lesson. At noon I finish my voice lesson and we go to the gym together for a few of our only moments of just being together during our week. Then we go home, shower, eat lunch, have devotions together, and head out to end the day practicing and working. Yesterday I decided I want to celebrate Mondays every week by preparing a nice meal. What we sat down to yesterday would’ve cost $12-15 at a nice Mexican grill.

There were leftover thawed pork chops to use up. Out with the old.

There was leftover enchilada sauce to use up. Out with the old.

I seered the chops and covered them with sauce to bake.

There was leftover lettuce that was about to go bad. Out with the old.

I shredded that up and dressed it with oil and vinegar and oregano.

There were even four leftover tortillas waiting to get used up. Out with the old.

I grilled quesedillas with the remainder of the leftover enchilada sauce and the frying pan still hot from seering the pork.

Mike had the last diet Mountain Dew left over from the wedding. I had the last of the sweet tea from Sunday dinner. Out with the old.

We sat down to a gourmet meal conctocted from leftovers after Mike took out the trash and started the laundry. Then I washed up the leftover Sunday dishes while Mike read Joshua to us.

The only thing I didn’t do was take a picture of our spontaneous gourmet lunch, which was against my better judgment.

Here’s to Mondays.


One thought on “Out with the old.

  1. Love the blog! Hooray for Wednesday Grace and hooray for you, dearie. I am so familiar with living from Lord’s Day to Lord’s Day – I suppose that’s how it should be no matter what’s in the middle, right?

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