For Richer or for Poorer

It was a beautiful spring afternoon. James Taylor, Jim Croce, Norah Jones, and the like were playing on the stereo. I’d just been diagnosed with mono. Spring break had just begun. It was Friday at 3:00 and we’d just sat down to a beautiful meal and a glass of wine for no apparent reason. Mike’s work shift was to begin at 6:00. Barely had we taken a bite when his cell phone rang.

He finished the call and set down the phone. “I’m out of a job.” Erberts & Gerberts had been undergoing a change of ownership but the building owners added so much red-tape to their lease, to protect themselves from the kind of mis-management they’ve had to put up with from the store’s old owner, that it was clear they simply wanted to force it to close. The change of ownership fell through and Mike’s boss called all the employees to come in and leave their addresses. He’d already locked the doors.

We laughed a lot. We celebrated the perfect job for our engagement and the beginning of our marriage. We reminisced through the job search, the application, the training, all the ups and downs… We celebrated the prospect of eating dinner together and going to bed together at night. We laughed at the irony. We joked about all the nights off he needed to get for various required events at St. Olaf in April. We thanked God for provision, for the wealth surrounding us in our new home, for the impeccable timing. (It really was too perfect. We’d even just made the last wedding-related purchase necessary: thank you cards.) We toasted to spring break. And we began analyzing the situation and hammering out next steps for Parnassum, day-dreaming that perhaps God will let us finish St. Olaf with a non-traditional, work-from-home income. Perhaps for the first time since early in our engagement we could see a decent amount of each other, and a decent amount of the back of our eyelids.

After dessert we got up from the table and sat down on the couch simply because I was too exhausted to do the dishes yet. And there we sat, newlyweds out of a job but gloriously in love, and fully confident in God’s faithful provision for the time to come.

And this is the refrain of the song that Pandora played:

Even though we ain’t got money
I’m so in love with ya honey

We laughed and laughed.


2 thoughts on “For Richer or for Poorer

  1. I’m so glad you put that link to Parnassum in this post! Otherwise, I may never have noticed that we already own your CD, Listen While We Sing Volume I. Or better said, I may have never really realized that you were the artist, since I knew we owned it. 🙂 Now I am even more impressed with you…

    I do hope and will pray that you guys can make it through this time of finishing school with your work-at-home income. School is hard enough! Hang in there!

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