Home Is where the Sunflowers Are.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to decorate my kitchen according to the plan I devised last fall when I put together my wedding registry. I’ve taken this day off completely, getting things done that have been sorely neglected for the last two months. While I made chili for next week’s lunches my sweet husband kindly took on himself the daunting project I’ve had planned for the weekend after my recital: he hung my sunflower pictures. I then cleaned and rearranged the hodge-podge of things that live above my kitchen cabinets. Now it really feels like my own kitchen. I am richly blessed.

L-R: Vase from Mike, vase from Mike's mom, candlesticks from my mom, teapot from Florence Rayburn (I find it delightfully significant to have such a gift from such a Christian hostess's home), tea set from my aunts, atop a boxed Chinese tea set from my sophomore/junior roommate, matching plate from a Knox Seminary friend atop a cheese board and knife set from a friend of Mike's family, a Japanese teapot from the only other married couple in the St. Olaf student body, a picture frame from a Florida friend, and a bread basket from another St. Olaf Christian girlfriend.

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