My “Baby”

I’ve been awaiting copyright permission for 3 minutes of my album before it can go to production. It’s a good thing, or I wouldn’t have found a loose photo copy of a hymn in the closet last night when I was archiving old schoolwork that would trigger my memory to realize I’d never included those lyrics in the liner notes. And so I had to re-re-re-adjust the graphics to fit it. Another hour of tabs and hard returns and squinting at tiny text later and I think I finally have a true finished product. And $107 later I have copyright permission to include Tommy Dorsey’s Precious Lord, Take My Hand, introduced to me by Eric Nelson five years ago and made even more significant by Paul Westermeyer two years ago. This album is truly the product of the spiritual and musical road I’ve walked in the past five years since Parnassum was first conceived. I kinda feel like it’s my baby. I am very, very proud of it and I can’t wait for it to go into pre-sales this weekend. Here’s hoping it’ll pay some of the bills.


4 thoughts on “My “Baby”

  1. We totally should! I work generally during the afternoon/early evening, though I occasionally get the odd morning shift. It’s hard to tell what days I’m working but I work weekends a lot! Let me know if you’re in the area!

  2. That’s MY song you put on here! The one you wrote the year we moved to Georgia. The one I had sitting on my piano for months. That gave words to my feelings. Thank you for including it, Susan.

  3. Which one, Jeni? O Precious Lord? I didn’t realize you’d loved it so much. Or perhaps forgot. Well, I’m glad you’re pleased!!! Now to just get the thing printed already! 🙂

  4. That’s the one. And the Christina Rossetti song is also on my top forty list. I guess I’ll actually have to break down and buy it. How weird will that be! Also, can you email me your address (again) so I can send you wedding gift?

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