I hope someday I’ll finally have internalized that whole “Wednesday Grace” thing.

I woke from a nightmare at 5:30 this morning and was wide awake and bolt upright in an instant. I tried to snuggle up to Mike and go back to sleep but every time he moved I jumped, thinking a snake was killing me. I was not afraid of snakes before 5:30 this morning.

So I put on my running shoes and a jacket and grabbed my otherwise-useless old school backpack (Oh! the life of a graduate!) and walked to the grocery store, thankful for the convenience of a 24-hour Cub at moments like this.

I read this fantastic book for awhile until Mike was ready to get up, then fell asleep beside him while he was reading his Bible. We got up and I made pancakes for Mike and his sister, who’s crashed at our apartment this weekend while she house-hunts in preparation for beginning at Luther Seminary in a few weeks.

Mike’s spending the afternoon practicing for a couple competitions for which he records on Monday. I’m about to go prepare a prelude & postlude and hymns for tomorrow before I head home to iron and try to get through all the Good Shepherd wedding thank you notes. Mom’s cranberry jello salad and andalusian rice salad are already in the fridge for church dinner tomorrow and the kitchen’s clean for the billionth time since we signed our lease six months ago. This evening Gwen is taking us out for dinner and then we’ll probably spend the night hanging out and playing cards. (Don’t tell the home schoolers.)

I’m excited to spend a whole day in Minnetonka tomorrow, sharing worship, food, and fellowship with the people we love so much at Good Shepherd. It’s been several months since we were able to stay up there the whole Lord’s Day instead of having to return to Northfield for other commitments. It will be sweet.

In my reading this morning a line from Colossians 3 captured my attention: “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,” Paul says. I’ve been struggling with fear, anxiety, and discontentment over various things in the last week, and it’s left my devoid of joy. Then I read C. S. Lewis over lunch, arguing in Screwtape that the Christian should be concerned only with the present and with eternity, not with the past or future. That, combined with the concept of ruling peace from Colossians, finally broke through my thick head. It occurs to me that what I’ve been missing boils down to peace. If I will simply live with the peace of Christ ruling my heart, choosing to be thankful for present blessings and faithful in present difficulties, there will be no room left for fear, anxiety, and discontentment.


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