If you’d been eavesdropping…

…on us last night, this is what you’d’ve heard.

From the living room, he declares: “Our kids are gonna say ‘aren’t I?’.”
From the bedroom, I whine: “But, babe, it’s bad grammar! ‘I aren’t.’? Really?”
He walks into the bedroom and looks very serious: “Yes, but if they say ‘amn’t’, they are going to get beat up.”

Maybe we can teach them to say “Ain’t.” Historically, that’s the proper use for that “slang” word.


2 thoughts on “If you’d been eavesdropping…

  1. Tracey, I didn’t make my story clear enough. The phrase in discussion was “Aren’t I?”, which, by my experience, everyone says. But that’s just the irony: NO ONE says “I aren’t.” Mike and I, grammar nerds that we are, are in the practice of saying “Amn’t I?”

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