Being Thankful

Mike and I watched Saving Private Ryan last night on the recommendation of a good friend, and a bit against our better judgment. It was a very good movie, but it was not the movie for us. We were both slightly traumatized. It got me thinking, though…

There is so much suffering and terror and horror in the world. Yet when we are living a happy, peaceful life we take for granted God’s most incredible gifts. We fail to see the mere fact of life (not to mention health or wholeness!) as a gift to celebrate every day. We’ve been anesthetized to the good things by their constant presence. What a waste it would be if it took the introduction of horrors like those depicted in that movie to make us thankful to be in our own unmarred skin, and to be together. God give us all grace to notice His gifts each day, even gifts as unnoticeable, when unthreatened, as the beauty and health and proximity of friends and family.


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