We Ate… A Lot

My parents were in town for two days this week. It was fun cooking in my own home for them, and fun having Mom’s help and smarts along for the ride. I made my best-yet french baguettes for their arrival, along with a caesar salad and broiled chicken, marinated in lime, olive oil, salt & pepper, garlic, and thyme. So yummy.

They brought a bottle of white wine which we enjoyed with appetizers (chips & guacamole, apples & cheese) and dinner, which was an awesome new recipe I tried (and tweaked, of course): Orzo, tossed with thin strips of sauteed beef and chunks of sauteed zucchini, and matchsticks of colored raw bell peppers and diced raw tomatoes, and a handful of olives, all flavored with olive oil, a bit of red wine vinegar, salt, and lots of rosemary. Dessert was a pineapple-cherry dump cake I’d been wanting Mom to teach me how to do.

Mom came and helped me prepare a breakfast to take to dad at the hotel since he had a bad back: bacon, cantaloupe, and raspberry muffins. We sat and drank a pot of ginger tea while the muffins baked. It was so fun to be together on my turf for the first time!

Lunch yesterday was Kris Schellhammer’s fantastic tortilla soup–basically a chicken & bean chile served with warm soft tortillas for dipping, and sour cream, cheese, and lime juice. And of course a side salad and more dump cake for dessert.

And then they were gone as fast as they came and life returned to normal. I love that as crazy-fun as it was to have them here, I didn’t feel sad when they left, just content and ready to move on with life. Being happily married is good.


2 thoughts on “We Ate… A Lot

  1. Oh and we had such a good time, so relaxed and lovely in your pretty home. And I look forward to more getting-to-know-Mike times. He’s a gem and I love him. You look wonderful and my heart is glad with your contentment.

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