There really is a difference between Glass Half Empty and Glass Half Full. Lately I’ve been thinking about perspective.

Rarely is there a morning I sleep past 5:00 a.m. Often I leave the house before 5:30 and don’t return until it’s time to crash in bed.

Rarely do I do dishes the same day I cook with them. Rarely, for that matter, do I cook. Often I send Mike to school for the day with a lunch of leftovers, box mixes, or nothing at all.

Rarely do we have an evening together with so much as an hour to enjoy a meal or go shopping or just catch an episode of the Simpsons and snuggle on the couch. (Yes, we watch the Simpsons.) Often we have little more in a day than half-comatose, hurried conversation while we dress in the morning, 30 seconds here and there, and finally we steal time for our Bible reading and prayer together through forced-open eyelids before we fall asleep at night.

I woke this morning at the unusually late hour of 5:30, brushed my teeth, threw on some gym clothes, grabbed breakfast, kissed my sleeping husband, and left for my nannying job. He’d decided to sleep in instead of going to practice at 5:30. As I rolled out of bed, and he rolled over, I said something to the effect of “I don’t like this game anymore.”

But when I came home from nannying at 8:30 he was there and it was like we started our day over. We showered, ate breakfast together (OK, Second Breakfast. It happens a lot when First Breakfast happens at 5:30 a.m.), enjoyed conversation, and then Mike read aloud from Luke, Psalms, and Proverbs while I made him a nice hot lunch to take to school. And then, most amazing of all, I emptied the dishwasher and washed the dishes… THE SAME DAY I USED THEM! Mike remarked at one point that it felt like summer. I thought he was referring to our warm weather. What he had in mind was the fact that it was 9:30 a.m. and we were still home and still together.

This morning was simple, yet somehow deeply refreshing. It made me think again what I’ve been realizing over the last week or so. These days life may be hectic, demanding, and about as fun as it used to be to eat that cold steamed spinach after everyone else had finished dinner back when I was ten. But all it takes to have a thankful heart instead of a complaining heart is perspective: the effort to notice the good things.

There are lots of those, too: Chiropractor visits thanks to a generous mother-in-law. Warm days. Good tips at work. Mornings when Wyatt doesn’t scream and hit and throw for the WHOLE two hours. The rare chance to go out to eat with my precious husband. Almond flavored hot chocolate. A church family wonderful beyond imagination. The return of my energy in the past week.

And our tiny, healthy baby already almost four months old that we’ll get to meet in April.

That’s right… Not that anyone who reads this blog didn’t know already, but you never know who the lurkers are. (Important side note: Don’t mention this on Facebook yet! The secret is still not completely out.)


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