Monday Down…

I got a bit of a dose of Wednesday Grace, I guess, because I got home from nannying and the house reeked so badly that it overwhelmed even my strongest urges to curl up in bed and sleep. Amazing what one garbage bin under the sink can cause in a closed-up, heated, one-bedroom apartment. So I’ll vacuum tomorrow, do laundry on Wednesday (half-price washer day!) and then I’m pretty sure the house will be good as new. And I figured out the loan stuff (at least started it). So I am making baby steps.

Thanks to Marissa Fontanini and Jordan Douglas for my inspiration. Jordan and I visited for four hours last week in the MSP airport–so refreshing. And then, remembering how good for my soul that was, I decided this morning to call Marissa. Something of a panic button. She told me life would never get better. But we talked for two hours and she helped me to see God, at least. I love those two ladies and am so glad to have old friends from the past to turn to. And she gave me the idea to make egg salad when she heard Rice-A-Roni was on the menu for lunch. She chastised me for not eating protein and promised to send recipes. Any recipe that comes out of Marissa’s kitchen is bound to be EPIC.


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