Next Chapter

I’m sitting at our dining table (aka desk) surrounded by a mess I must sort and dissipate in the next couple hours. Finally we are back from our travels and all that’s left are two more Wed-Sat audition trips for Mike later this month.

So here I am, with two more months of life as I know it before this baby arrives. I’m thankful for our new home internet connection, thanks to Mike’s dad at Christmas, and I’m hoping to put it to good use by working from the convenience of home and avoid its bad use (think Netflix).

It seems like God’s handed me two months to rest. In my mind’s eye I see unending books and unending hours in which to read them. But then when I think about it, I know the time will fill and fly: people to see, meals to cook, taxes to file, accounting that I’m slowly bringing into a state of regularity, baby things to acquire, and the unending opportunity to advance in the new business venture I’ve undertaken, praying God will bless it and make it fruitful for our family and His kingdom, long term.

So today I’ve spent hours already at my computer dealing with finances and paperwork and all those things I love so much prefer to ignore. Left on the agenda: get some Reliv work done, sort this mess, make a dinner of grilled salmon and orzo salad, work out and shower and stop for some quiet time, and hopefully catch up on some sleep.

Better get crackin’.


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