Food Favorites

I’ve been enjoying cooking again since we’ve been home from all our travels. A few recent favorites:

Banana splits! I’m learning to like bananas. I think it may be part of the job qualifications for a good mom: healthy, CHEAP, baby-friendly food. I have to be able to stomach buying these things. So far it’s working great. I have them in a smoothie for breakfast or on cold cereal and I’ve been eating banana-heavy banana splits: The recipe? A half-banana, a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and a guilt-ridden amount of chocolate rum sauce, a recipe I’ve been tinkering to perfect. It’s so bad for you but it congeals (not exactly hardens) on the ice cream so it’s like chocolate-rum-fudge with bananas.

Eating bananas plain is just around the corner. Putting them in a fruit salad will probably never be OK in any universe.

The food of the week has been salmon (meaning we ate it twice). I went to Costco with Robin while we were hanging out the other day and chanced upon three huge fresh salmon fillets at $6.50/lb. Jealous, Mom? So the other night I broiled it and served it beside a “loose paraphrase” of my aunt’s orange orzo salad using the beautiful red, orange, and yellow peppers that were on sale this week instead of fresh tomatoes. It was very yummy and beautiful, too.

The leftover salmon got flaked into chunks and served cold on romaine with chopped red, orange, and yellow peppers and shaved jicama. The dressing was orange juice, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, ginger, and just a bit of cayenne. I made popovers for the first time, and lined the tin with butter and parmesan cheese. Epic. That was lunch with our friend Blake yesterday.

This weekend I’m going to try my hand at potato soup for the first time. I’ll probably compare a bunch of recipes, call Mom, and go off what our dear friend “Bear” told me over the phone about how he makes it.

One of the fun things about the baby coming this spring is the expectation of visits from both Becky & Grace and the chance to cook with them (and be cooked for!).

Today it’s all about leftovers and banana smoothies…


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