I Could Do This For A Living

I am “doing” Mike’s reception for his recital tomorrow and I am having an incredibly fun time. Wish I were more of a photographer because it would be fun to photo-journal this fiasco artwork.

A week ago I bought a huge brick of sharp cheddar, two medium wheels of brie, and a big slab of jarlsberg. This is going to go on cheese boards with the two sets of cheese knives we were given for our wedding.

(Unfortunately the brie may be a liability. Any loss of focus Mike has in his performance tomorrow night will quite possibly be because he was imagining eating brie. He and brie have a thing. I try to be supportive and understanding, not judgmental and jealous.)

Saturday I bought several pounds of beautiful red and green grapes. These are going in a huge, huge heap in a huge, huge bowl. I also bought granny smiths, red delicious, and braeburn apples–three beautiful hues. These are getting sliced and piled on a platter.

This morning I bought ginger ale and club soda and frozen limeade and orange juice. These are going in the punch bowl with orange juice ice cubes and rings of sliced citrus: Yellow-orange navel oranges, green limes, pink cara cara oranges, and a deep red blood orange. (Who knew there were so many varieties!?!?) They’re all freezing onto pizza trays this afternoon, arranged in three big, rather haphazard rings of color. So, so pretty.

This afternoon I bought yeast. It’s a good thing my grocery store is just a couple blocks away because I went to start bread and discovered I didn’t have nearly enough yeast for the bakery-sized batch of french baguettes I am working on, proportions thanks to sweet Dominique who, whether the baguettes are successful or not, will be there to hear and taste tomorrow.

My fridge is cleaned out enough that it will hold ALMOST all the baking trays I need (and unfortunately all the baking trays I have). The sponge is rising and I can hear its frenzy from across the table: 8 cups of water, a 1/4 c. of yeast, and 8 cups of flour. 12 more cups of flour and nearly 1/4 c. of salt are yet to be added and then after it is kneaded and risen it will get become 16 baguettes and go in the fridge overnight to develop its flavor. Then they’ll bake in Ruth’s double oven tomorrow morning while I visit with her. I’ll find a big basket to pile high with sliced baguettes (and a few uncut ones just for vanity’s sake). Mike’s Mom is bringing cookies and chocolate.

The only thing more fun than curling up in Barnes & Noble and reading cookbooks by Ina Garten is the opportunity to play it out. Not that I got any recipes for this affair from her, but in my daydreams my shopping lists and tables and kitchen look like I hers. Except she doesn’t make her own bread. Tsk tsk. :-p

Mike will definitely have to keep up the concertizing throughout his career, because it is just too much fun to pull something like this together!

Life is beautiful.


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