Chased Down with Blessings

Kevin Skogen said once, I think, that God loves to chase us down with blessings. He said that God’s blessings on His people are a personal affair – God loves to tailor-make blessings for the ones He loves. It’s not just that He’s up there in the sky blessing His children. He is blessing each of us with the particular sorts of things we need. He’s done it in my life so many times. At least four times in my four years at St. Olaf my phone rang with $1000+ CD sale just when I needed it. Twice it was exactly $1000, and exactly after I had just spoken aloud of my need for, oh, say, $1000. So yes, God does this. But THIS? This is just…Rich.

Well, of course I should back up to God’s other blessing this year: I was trained with a senior companionship company last fall. I hoped it would provide me good part time work through my pregnancy and sadly, after hours of investment and $40 of tuberculosis testing, they’ve still never had hours to give me. But one of the people I listed as a personal reference on my application was my old organ teacher, a wonderful, wonderful guy. I was in his office the day after they called him. “See,” he said, “It was this ‘Well, Duh!’ moment when I got that phone call. I thought ‘Why is Susan not working for me directly!?!?'” I’m friends with him and his dear wife, who’s now suffering both Alzheimer’s and diabetes, just like my Grandpa did when I was in high school.

So I started helping out a couple hours a week as she prepared Christmas cookies for their choir Christmas party. Then two weeks ago she had a setback that has required him to solicit almost constant companionship for her. When he can’t be there, he needs someone else looking out for her. So as of last week I have about 12-15 hours of work with her every week. I go and sit in their lovely home, play their lovely piano, cook with this lovely, sweet, funny woman that I love. And when our baby is born he will go with me and be their surrogate grandbaby, to make up for the only one they have, who lives in Alabama. Perfect.

Well, Mr. Teacher called me the other day to find out if Mike could hold keys for the organ tuner on Monday. He looks out for us and sends odd jobs our way when he can. Perfect! Mike was to be home for only two work days between his last two grad school auditions and he had nothing to do those two days but look for a job: the next big item on life’s agenda. So he showed up to hold keys Monday morning and Mr. Organ Tuner got wind that Mike was about to start looking for work.

Not much more than 24 hours later here is our situation:

Mike begins work a week from today at an organ shop about 20 miles south of us. He’s been guaranteed full time hours at a good wage at least through June. The company is about to start a major project in the area and Mike is the extra hands they need. So now Mike has steady, dependable, scheduled work and not just delivering pizza; it’s in his own career field and will grace a resume very nicely, not to mention the fact that he’ll have a world of fun. The one problem is that I need our only car many days, whether to care for Mrs. Teacher, to drive The Kids to school, or to go to OB appointments. We started thinking about buying a second car last night. But no, Mr. Organ Builder, who lives right near us, has a second car that Mike may use any day that we can’t make other arrangements.

That, my friends, is how God does stuff. Sure, we’ve been waiting 11 months for a replacement to his income and the waiting hasn’t always been pretty. But I can’t help being in awe of God’s giving us this job 6 weeks before the baby’s due and before we’d even ventured to ask our church to add Mike to the “looking for work” prayer list. And Mike didn’t even go LOOKING for this. God just chased us down with it.


4 thoughts on “Chased Down with Blessings

  1. This is wonderful! I’m so happy for you guys – what a happy and perfect providence. I’ve enjoyed getting caught up on your blog – lots of fun stuff here. 🙂

  2. I really love the image of being chased down by God. I have definitely felt that before in my own life, and I am so happy that you and Mike have been caught and blessed too!

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