Pizza Roll, Take 2

My brother AJ is here to visit and the poor guy is stuck in the kitchen with a barefoot pregnant woman probably more than he bargained for. Today we had a lot of cooking to do, including pizza rolls for church dinner. As promised, the recipe is here. The verdict, Take 1, was that it was delicious and could do with just a bit more “guts.” I think today I went too far in the “guts” direction for what the dough could hold up well, so it is going to be messy. But people will eat it sitting down with forks anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Pizza Roll, Take 2

  1. Oh sweet mother of all that is culinary, those look amazing! We are making those when I come up!

    P.S. Your hair’s starting to look cute again.

    P.P.S. I think it’s delightfully unfair that my kitchen is twice the size of yours and I don’t even have a husband to feed.

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