I married the sweetest guy ever.

We don’t see nearly as much of each other anymore, what with this whole JOB thing. I guess it’s normal… 😉

Yesterday was a pretty typical day. At 5:45 I rolled out of bed to yank my shoes over my big fat ankles and go nanny. Mike rolled out of bed to shower and get ready for work. He leaves at 6:30 every morning and I get back from nannying around 8:00, so 5:45 is goodbye. I went to the chiropractor after work yesterday and came home with just enough time to shower and make a smoothie and head back out the door to be with Ruth. I worked and read quietly at her house all day and took her grocery shopping in the afternoon. At 4:00 I went to the bank and came home to get dinner on and start dinner for a family from church with a new baby. Mike got home just after 5:00, we scarfed dinner, he rubbed my back while I read our Bible reading out loud, and then he went up to St. Olaf to practice and go to the gym. I did dishes and cooked more and just after 9:00 he walked in the door with daisies and tulips–a sweet taste of spring to come. We had dessert together and then fell into bed. I was up again today at 5:15 to shower since I have to be out and about all day. Now I’m at my nanny job and he’s headed to work. When I got in the car this morning there was a single coral-pink rose wrapped in greens on my seat with a cheerful note from Mike. Totally caught me off guard, and made me realize once again that I married the sweetest guy ever.


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