Getting Ready

The clock is ticking. Usually when you’re expecting the arrival of a house guest you’ve got a pretty good sense of when he’ll arrive. This one, however, could show up anytime in the next 4 weeks! How do you plan for that!?

How you plan for that is you clear your schedule completely and then bask in the beauty of having nothing to do for the last time in your whole entire life. And then you sit. And wait. And twiddle your thumbs. And finish your taxes. And save your hundreds and hundreds of CDs to iTunes because, oh yes, it’s the 21st century now. And you take pictures for your mom.

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11 thoughts on “Getting Ready

    1. Hi and welcome to wednesdaygrace! I poked around over at your place and it looks like we’re living a pretty similar tiimeline right now. Good luck with everything and stop by any time! (And thanks for the advice on baby carriers!)

  1. “I love when babies have words on their butts almost as much as I hate when teenage girls do.”

    I am so glad I took the time to read the photo captions! This should become a classic quote! I SO agree with you! Though I think the butt words should be banned well before the teen years, as they are not attractive on a 9 year old either!

    1. LOL, Tracey. Glad I could make you laugh. I agree with you; probably the words should disappear by the time they learn to talk.

      And what is WITH dressing 9yo girls like grown-ups, anyway?! I’m gonna be like you when I grow up: mostly boys and one daughter just so I have a girl buddy. (As if I have any control over that.)

  2. Oh I remember way back years ago when I drove you to Sam’s for quick trips for your family. My how times have changed! All for good and all in God’s glory. Enjoy these last few weeks, and then enjoy your new little one..they grow so fast!

    1. Yes, I remember that, too, Cassie! Times have changed… I enjoy keeping an eye on you guys through FB & your blog. Would love to see you again. Say hi to Chris for me.

  3. Love the stuffed animals awaiting the new arrival. Our small beasts have entirely too much personality from before the baby was born (what? we needed some kind of creative outlet!) and they are not quite sure the baby is what they expected. They wanted a chaperone so they could go on car rides. They got someone who tries to stuff them in his mouth! But they love him anyway.

  4. Mike, I just now got on your site and have been catching up on all your posts. Wow, you guys are busy, with your talents, work, family and Christian life, and all your travels and visits with dear ones. It is inspiring, but it makes me tired for you. Congratulations on the expected arrival of your son. I will be sure to watch for news and pictures on your site.
    Your writing is beautiful and reflects your deep feelings and spiritual devotion. Give Susan a big hug for me, she sounds like a wonderful woman and partner. And my prayers for a safe and joyful birth for mom, baby, and you. Love, Joyce

    1. Joyce,

      Thanks for your kind words! This site is actually all me–Susan–and I don’t know if Mike ever even peaks at it. But I’ll make sure he sees your sweet note. It’s nice to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!


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