Timing Is Everything

Jacob and his parents are teaching each other about timing.

Mike & I want Jacob to start learning to pace himself–to pace his eating, to wear himself out with good happy awake moments, and to sleep long and peacefully and in his crib. All in that order. A lot for a little guy to learn but now that the honeymoon is over and I am incapable of keeping my eyes open through a nighttime feeding and Jacob has mastered the skill of eating, it’s time to shift a little of the control from the baby to the parents. It’s all a process, right?

So this morning he was sleeping peacefully in his crib – the crib itself was a victory. I woke up to hear him stirring and the shower running. Daddy was getting ready for work, Mommy was finally catching some Zzzs, and Baby was actually contentedly distracting himself from his hungry little belly. He stirred for 15 minutes before he started to cry. I was so impressed with his mad skillz.

He cried, I picked him up, got him good and awake, and fed him a good breakfast while Mike & I talked, and then gave him to his daddy to burp and play while I made Mike’s lunch. It’s first day back at work for Mike and all a part of The Experiment. Jacob was good and happy and alert and full of burps – and his second spit-up ever. We set him in his boppy to watch the action while Mike grabbed his things and I fried some eggs. He started fussing as we stopped to pray and say goodbye, so I picked him up. We walked to the door together and I was feeling all around impressed with the success of the morning.

That was when Jacob decided to teach US about timing. He gave us his first blow out diaper. We laughed. He kept pooping. Right up his back and dripping down my hand. We kept laughing. Mike left and I cleaned him up, changed his clothes, and sat down to cold eggs and burned toast.

Jacob got the better of us this morning.


5 thoughts on “Timing Is Everything

  1. Glad to hear Jacob has mastered eating. That makes life so much easier than if you’re not sure (or if you KNOW he isn’t getting enough!)

  2. Susan, I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite blog– I really enjoy reading it! 🙂 Well written, and full of great insights! Thanks!!

  3. this made me bust out loud laughing.
    I’m so happy you are getting settled into life and your routine with Jacob! What wonderful parents he has 🙂

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