A Good Friend Is Hard to Find

This post is a bit unusual. I’m just struck this morning by what a treasure a good friend is. This one came to me unexpectedly and no one would’ve thought we’d get so close. But here we are, spending all our Saturdays together, deep in this thing called friendship which looks mundane sometimes and even hilarious and silly sometimes. She’s one of the losses I’m going to feel the deepest when August 1 rolls around and we roll off to Indiana.

Laura, I am honored to be your friend.


3 thoughts on “A Good Friend Is Hard to Find

  1. I got home tonight after midnight, intending to write a post about salvation, and I find I have lots of new views linked from your site.

    Susan Powell, I agree with everything you said above. I think our friendship falls into the category of “unlikely blessings”. I have learned, and continue to learn, so much about God and grace and goofiness from you. I thank Him repeatedly for putting you in my life when I most needed you. I love you, I pray for God to continually shower his blessings and his grace upon you and your family, and I hope to hold your babies many more times throughout my life.

  2. Meh… I don’t care so much about the name, Miss Camp. 😉 :p

    Thanks, my dear. God and grace and goofiness… Good stuff, lol.

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