Welcome, Summer!

The leaves are finally here in all their glory. The daffodils are looking droopy and new blooms are emerging. I am determined to do everything I can to celebrate the beauty of this summer after such a hard winter. And since this is my last Minnesota summer, at least for awhile, I’m feeling particularly nostalgic.

This morning Jacob and I drive down to the organ shop to help Mike with a bit of the renovation work on his new organ. The drive included lots of beautiful moments along the Cannon river and lake. In the afternoon I took Ruth to get groceries and then stopped by the professor’s house where I used to live during the summers. They were out working in their tremendous 2-acre garden so they got to meet Jacob and I got to roam through the flower beds and see the vegetables sprouting and the plum tree in full bloom. I’ll be revisiting that glorious spot as often as I can this summer and I’ll miss it like crazy when we don’t live here anymore.

Today’s celebration of summer ended with dinner of bratwursts, kabobs, and ice cream and an evening walk with Mike through the neighborhood. It is so much fun to see Jacob growing and developing. He was clearly enjoying the passing scenery from his stroller, while only a week ago his eyesight wasn’t developed enough to take it in.

Marinated the veggies in canola oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper, and a bunch of fresh rosemary. Definitely a repeat!

The summer will be busy, but so good. A roadtrip to Indiana to find housing, to Kansas to see Mike’s family, and then we’re taking Jacob in a plane to see my family in Florida. That’s in addition to packing everything up, loading a truck, and driving the 11 hours to Indiana. And unpacking. And as sad as it will be to say goodbye to our beloved church family, my heart is full of eager, joyful anticipation. It’s going to be good.

Jacob loves his new seat, and he watches me make dinner every afternoon.


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