Summer Fun

Just a quick little note to commemorate fun times. My 15yo sister was here to visit for the past week and we had a great time enjoying Jacob, music, and gorgeous weather. Beautiful, sunny, Minnesota-summer days are here with breezes and temps in the 70s.

Yesterday was a bit warmer, but still wonderful. We drove to another small Minnesota town almost 100 miles from here to enjoy Memorial Day with our church family at the lovely home of one of the elders. It couldn’t have been a more lovely day, complete with a live music concert on the front porch by some folk performers from Canada, while we all sat on the grass enjoying it. It struck me just how magical and wonderful Minnesota summers can be when there are good friends to enjoy them with.

A couple days earlier Grace & I enjoyed a walk in a beautiful arboretum here in my town. Jacob enjoyed it, too, mesmerized by all the green. After that was hoagies at my favorite sandwich shop and ice cream cones by the downtown river bank. Such a beautiful chance to enjoy all kinds of beauty–nature, food, family, baby, and the delightful atmosphere of a small town…

I’m whipping up beef bourguinion for dinner with Mike’s boss tonight and just got back from the grocery store. It’s 2:30 and my accomplishments so far today are merely to clean up the house, take my sister to the airport, and do the meal plan and grocery shopping. Everything is slow with a baby to feed and feed and feed, but I am so enjoying life with no responsibilities but to love and care for my family. It’s going to get hectic this summer as we make the big move to Indiana, but I think I am ahead of the game enough that I’ll be able to keep things under control. Wishful thinking?

We think we’ve found our home in Indiana and we’re so thankful for how it seems God’s led us to it, custom-made for our needs and even just our wants. We might be signing a lease this week. It is a large place, so if you are ever driving through Indiana in the next two years, give us a call if you need a place to rest your head or fill your belly.


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