New Experience

Taking care of an infant while you have a raging head cold. Moms are awesome. I never knew.


8 thoughts on “New Experience

  1. Yes, moms are awesome–yours among them. You’ll learn more and more how awesome moms–including yours–are as you get to be an older and older mom. Love, Dad

  2. Sorry, friend! You are awesome and God is good. He is so good to use mothering as a jackhammer of sanctification. That may sound sarcastic, but all I mean to say is that it has been a major tool of His in my life.

  3. I feel sorry for you. >.< have you used up a complete box of tissue, half a roll of toilet paper, and several sheets of paper towel on your nose yet? lol.

  4. Do you take Airborne Susan? I take one tablet when I feel a cold comming on, and I think it considerably shortens the length of the cold.
    BTW I enjoy your blog!

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