Have Family, Will Travel

I took a nap this morning in the car as we drove south toward Iowa. I woke up after an hour and immediately thought how rich I am. There I was in MY car with MY husband and MY son and all these things neatly stowed away to make our week easy and pleasant and enjoyable. Life is beautiful.

I have done my fair share of moving in my life. I remember last time – 5 years ago – when I moved all alone from Florida to Minnesota. I was 20 years old and leaving my family to live alone for the first time. I and my 200+ pounds of luggage went through those airport doors all alone and it was an empty, empty moment.

As I’ve been anticipating our move to Indiana I’ve been noticing a remarkable absence of that feeling of emptiness. It’s true I’m leaving behind a home I’ve enjoyed building, a town I’ve loved, a state I am irrationally fond of, and a church I can hardly imagine living without. But I don’t feel empty and I don’t feel any sense of dread that it will be lonely.

My best friend and my very own constant companion are coming with me. Never again will I go somewhere all alone. I will always be traveling, uprooting, re-rooting with my people.

It’s enough to make a girl feel rich, I tell you.


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