2nd Engagement Anniversary

We are falling into a routine of having a special celebration of “us” three times a year. I think that’s about right. Once a year is just not enough and as it happens our anniversaries of when we started going out, when we got engaged, and when we got married are almost exactly spaced every 4 months.

Last night was our second engagement anniversary. I owe Smitten Kitchen the credit for the potatoes and the steak, which I marinated in a dressing she described. The veggies were just sauteed in butter. The meringues were from Joy of Baking, also via Smitten Kitchen.

We had fresh apricots and swiss cheese at 5:00 while playing with Jacob and then when Mike got home from teaching an organ lesson at 8:00 we had a nice, quiet candlelight dinner, with Jacob in bed for the night. Then we re-read together all the old cards and letters we’ve written each other over the last 3 or 4 years. It was lovely.

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2 thoughts on “2nd Engagement Anniversary

  1. Okay, so why weren’t Mom and I invited? I mean, honestly, that dinner looks disgustingly good, far too good to be hogged just to yourselves.

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