This is Good.

My body will never go back to looking like it did when I was 18. I’ll never be as toned or as perky as I was back then, but I’d rather have my four precious kids than that body. I’ve carried four babies, gone through four deliveries, and my body shows my accomplishment. I’m going to choose to live the confidence that I want my daughter to have, because she’s not going to learn it from anyone except me. I don’t want to ever have her hear me say that I’m “fat” because it would make me so sad to hear that come out of her mouth.

–On Body Image from Mama Loves Papa

Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self Control.

Sample conversation, held next to the dry erase board:

“If you don’t quickly complete the seven chores that I gave you to do before breakfast, there are some serious consequences! Hanging in the balance of your performance is my love. Your joy. Your peace, my patience. My kindness, your goodness. Your faithfulness, my gentleness and self control. It’s all on you, kid!”

If we look at what we hope to see in our children, is it the fruit of the Spirit? Really? Or does it look more like this:

“But the fruit of the spirit is cleaning up after yourself quickly and quietly, and remembering to stick with your younger sibling on the buddy system. It is saying sir and ma’am, and not picking your nose. It looks worshipful during devotions, and never complains about its chores. It is never playing in the mud and never being loud in the house. It likes to read quietly to younger siblings, and never bothers its mother during the quiet of the afternoon during silent time when she is on the internet.”

–The Strength of the Ox from Femina Girls


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