I may or may not have licked my plate.

Now that we’re in our new town and know no one we have no social life and little risk of needing to coordinate our main meal of the day with the main meal of the rest of the world. We do what we want when we want to. It’s nice. Kinda lonely too but you look on the bright side. We’ve switched to mid-day main meal in a further effort to lose more weight, eating only salad and fresh fruit for our evening meal. Here’s hopin’.

Today Jacob had me up early and I had been visualizing this pie for a couple days so I decided What The Heck and I blind baked a pie crust. Fast forward about five hours to the look on Mike’s face after he ate the first bite of pie. He usually never moves past the silent smile and nod in response to my food fanaticism. Just for a second he let slip A Look. It was cute and made the pie twice the success I already deemed it. The look said “This is actually as good as the hype.” Sometimes there’s a lot of hype.

The dessert… It was visualized as sort of a fruit tart. I blind baked a crust in a glass pie plate and then filled it with a thin layer of goopy white stuff as a base for fresh fruit. You could really do whatever you want in the fruit department. I happened to do peaches and blueberries, abandoning the addition of strawberries in the name of Less Is More. But any berries would be great, and any soft fruit that slices up pretty… I’m picturing kiwi.

The goopy white stuff was the triumph and it was so simple. Even better, it was practically 0 calories. 0 calories because the few calories there were are negated by the Good Person points you get for eating this healthy of a dessert in the first place. But the best part of this concoction is the taste: The plain yogurt is not sweet at all. The cool whip is just sweet enough to cut the tart yogurt. Together they create the perfect platform for fruit, because the fruit itself is sweeter. In fact, I could justify serving this as a main course for breakfast or lunch. Fruit pie.

So here’s the recipe. Buy a crust if you’re that kind of person, but I promise, this is my mom’s pie crust and it is so easy.

Crust: Preheat oven to 425. Mix 1/2 tsp salt into 1 c flour. With a fork, quickly toss in about 1/4-1/3 c canola oil and then even more quickly add a few TBSP (probably about 3 – depends on how densely your flour was packed) milk. I happened to use buttermilk because my regular milk is almost gone and it was very yummy. Roll it between two pieces of plastic wrap, transfer it to a pie pan, and work your magic on the edge if you wish. Put a piece of parchment paper in the bottom and fill it with some raw beans to weight it down so it doesn’t poof up while it bakes. Bake 20 minutes, then take it out, remove the weight & paper, poke a couple steam holes with a fork, and stick it back in. Careful here. I overbaked mine. Maybe as little as 5 minutes more would be enough, depending on how brown you like it. Let the crust cool.

Thaw a few spoonfuls of cool whip. I used lite cool whip and used about 3/4 c. Add about the same amount of firm plain yogurt. (Greek might be good, but I used yer average Dannon. Just don’t get the yellow watery stuff in there if it’s sitting in the top of your yogurt tub.) Mix it till it’s well blended and smooth and then refrigerate it until you’re ready to assemble the dessert. When it’s time to eat, put the white goopy stuff in the pie crust and then do your fruit artwork. (I used almost 2 whole peaches and a small handful of blueberries. Some fresh mint leaves would’ve been awesome.)

Minus the time for the crust (which itself took only about 10 minutes to mix up and roll out), I’d say I put 10 or 15 minutes of work into this. The result: Easy summer recipe. You should consider altering your weekend plans and going and buying yourself some ingredients and making this and inviting all your friends to help you eat it. Or eat it by yourself. That would be my vote, probably.

Sorry this is long winded and sorry it’s not pictures of Jacob. Hey, it’s my blog.


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