Thursday Thirteen

Some very wise person, I don’t remember who, once suggested that the best antidote to depression is thankfulness: that on his most depressed days, he would write a thank you note to someone from his past–a childhood teacher or something…

Well, another wise person I know wrote this today:

About a year ago, I stopped writing “Tuesday Ten” each week. Oddly enough, from that point on, I feel like I’ve been on a downward slope, spiritually. And yet I’ve had more in the past year to be thankful for than ever before. So now I’m going to try and start this again, but add three more things to the list, because ten is just too short. Whoever would like to join me, feel free.

That’s my sister, and she’s recommencing the ritual she started on Facebook several years ago, a ritual I joined in on for a long time but quit for no apparent reason. I’ve been thinking awhile now that I should do this again and so I’m taking a cue from here and starting again, this time on my blog instead of Facebook.

Join us?

I am thankful to Jesus for:

1. Still loving me

2. Pandora and a workout DVD with the option to mute the music track

3. The amazing opportunities my husband has at the university and in his new job

4. Teaching me the same lesson over and over again if I don’t learn it the first time

5. Judy Rogers’ Beatitudes album

6. Strength and energy for each day

7. Half-frozen bananas and chocolate – my substitute for an ice cream fix

8. The incredible sacrifice of Jesus because He loved me

9. Power over sin

10. Pasta – Ate it last night for the first time in AGES.

11. The floodlight that illuminates the leaves out my window that I see every night

12. A new chance every day

13. Stan Scriven’s setting of Jesus Christ the Apple Tree


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Nice. Now that it’s Friday I can say I might try to join you! Or at least after we are settled into the new school year. I know this line of thinking will be good for me, too!

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