Jacob Journal: 5 Months

Dear Jacob,

It’s been a crazy two months and I missed writing here last month. You are a different person than you were two months ago. Well, that’s not actually true, but it’s been seeming like it for the last few days because my happy, content, easy-going boy is a fussy, cranky, unstable mess. You put everything in your mouth and you love to chomp on Mommy and Daddy’s fingers. Your jaw is unbelievably strong.

You’re teething.

You want to be held all the time and you cry whenever you get set down, even if you realize within seconds that it’s a place you’re happy to be. Like playing with your animals.

You are addicted to your pacifier and I am OK with that right now because you can chew on it and it seems to be helping with the teething. You chew on the edges of it, too, and you have figured out how to put it in your own mouth several times. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. You have crazy new hand skills and you spend most of your time grabbing everything in your reach, including your feet.

Your mind is working so hard and fast. When your grandma was here a couple weeks ago you started blowing raspberries at one point. We did it back at you and suddenly it was a game. We play those games a lot. It’s so delightful to watch you making connections and learning things. One of your favorite games is to dance in front of the mirror with your daddy before bathtime. He kisses your head over and over and you just watch his head coming for yours. Back and forth, back and forth.

As I’m writing this you are making some of your first successful attempts at sitting unaided. I am most impressed. You’ve mastered rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back though you still don’t realize you can do it for fun. You do it when you’re mad or when you’re sleepy. You sleep on your tummy always now and as soon as I set you down you just stare until you’re ready to sleep and then – flip!

You are crazy-strong. All I have to do is grab your hands and give a tiny little tug and you make the connection. You contract your abs to sit up, then plant your feet and stand up straight. It’s really pretty impressive. You stand whenever you can, which is a bit of a problem since that requires being held. So I just bought you a new toy that you can stand in but it’s a little too tall for you. Room to grow.

Speaking of growing, look at the size of you now!

You’re so grown up. It’s really nice to have a more predictable life now. I’ve got you on a pretty good schedule. We have our not-so-good days on it, definitely. But for the most part it’s serving us well. You take two or three naps every day and at least one of them is close to 3 hours long. Sweet freedom for me! You are sweet and happy when you wake up in the morning and it is one of my favorite times of the day: I come to your room, greet you, open the shades and turn on the lamp, get you out of your crib, feed you, dress you, and then we sing the Doxology and read a story. It’s a good routine.

One of your favorite things is to chat with your grandma or aunt over Google chat. I am afraid you’re going to grow up thinking your relatives live in the computer. You just light up whenever there’s anyone new around. You were the life of the party last night at the organ department picnic. We’re pretty sure you got your dad his new job by your shameless flirting with the pastor and his wife and the guy who turned out to be the hiring-and-firing guy. You seem to like strangers more than your mom and dad because most of the times you’ve all-out giggled so far in your life have been for complete strangers.

Of course, the big news now is that you are eating big kid food. You LOVE IT.

So do we, but you are pretty messy.

I wish I were doing a better job of recording all your big milestones here but I don’t even feel like I know what they are. You are just growing up one eeny weeny step at a time and every day is chock full of happy sweet moments and frustrating cranky moments. Thanks for being my sweetie pie and keeping us company through these first few lonely weeks in a new house. We’re proud of you for how well you’ve adjusted to your new place, even though I wish you’d sleep through the night all the way again someday. Keep growing and learning, and I’ll do my best to keep teaching you and trying to remember that’s the most important work I do each day.


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3 thoughts on “Jacob Journal: 5 Months

  1. We been thinkin’ here, aunt, uncle, and I, about how this kid’s face exudes willful independence. He is such a riot to watch. May God give you much wisdom and love and determination with this little man.

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