Things That Make Me Happy

Cold fall air blowing through the window above my kitchen sink.

A nice, clean, dirt-and-bug-free kitchen window sill, thanks to Moi.

My own deli roast beef all sliced up and ready for Mike’s sandwiches at a fraction of the cost of the “real” stuff.

My own wheat sandwich bread, all sliced up and stored in the freezer, which turned out nearly PERFECT, thanks to Smitten Kitchen.

The piano that is becoming ours this afternoon, Lord willing!

The almost-certainty that I’ve been given a place in the community choir here in my town, a 60-65 voice choir that takes itself plenty seriously and sings good stuff. (The fly in the ointment: I’ll be an alto. “Don’t ever audition as a soprano again! You have a beautiful alto voice.” So said the director. :-/ Identity crisis in the making, that.)

My son who has been unusually happy, patient, and well-behaved the last two days.

Lots and lots and lots of sleep.

OK, that’s the end of my list for now. Must go wake up my boy.










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