Journal: September 19

We enjoyed a full and sometimes frantic week last week and this one will probably be little quieter.

Mike is staying so busy with so many things, all of them good and it’s always fun to listen to his accounts of what he’s done or learned. He’s taking his church job in stride and doing quite well at it, if I may offer my biased opinion. Yesterday his 6-voice choir pulled off a nice performance of the Keep Your Lamps we loved at St. Olaf.

Funny story from Mike’s life that he might not find so amusing (yet) since it just happened this morning. I missed 7 phone calls and an email from him in a matter of minutes just after he’d left for work. When we finally connected all I got was a rushed text message: “Bring change of clothes at 855.” He got caught in a massive deluge on his way to school so Jacob and I packed up a complete change of clothes, shoes and all, and met him between his classes. He had taught his first section of theory sopping through and through.

We spent Saturday evening with our next door neighbor, a very pleasant guy from the WV/PA area who is a first-year graduate student as well, studying opera. He and Mike stand next to each other in choir – what are the odds! We’re thankful for great neighbors. And this morning the maintenance staff finally got to us to fix our laundry-list of complaints. They were great, so we’re thankful for that too. We really do live in a good place. (Have I mentioned the adorable 7-week-old pitbull puppy across the courtyard?)

Last week I spent two lovely occasions with two different moms here in town, both new to town and both married to studying musicians. It was good fellowship and such a gift. In my alone time I’m enjoying a sermon series from Rob Rayburn the last few days on the corporate worship of the church and finding it excellent and encouraging. It’s making me feel a bit less lonely.

There’s nothing new to report for me except that I’m making plans to suspend our Netflix subscription at the end of this billing cycle since we haven’t time to enjoy it and I am nicer to be around when I spend my housework time in the company of sermons instead of TV shows, however much I enjoy them. I must say, though, the legal drama I’ve been watching got me through ALL the ironing last week. You did read that right: Not an un-ironed article here, well, until we wore clothes. Again. My dearest wish for this week is to find the time to paint my toenails. I’m that trivial.

Jacob is making great strides in the area of sitting upright unaided and very pleased with himself. He is also enjoying using his God-given vocal instrument to create high pitched shrieks and squeals which is quite funny except in church. He picked up a sad little cold in the childcare I packed him off to for the mom’s group on Tuesday. He’s fine now. And his new food of the week: oats. To my surprise, I am enjoying how easy and cheap it is to make all my own baby food. I never set out to be that type of mom, but here I am and I like it.

We’d packed a picnic for a state park to enjoy yesterday between morning and evening worship, but were rained out and as we sat deliberating what to do, the pastor invited us over for pizza. I stand humbled and in awe of that man’s pizza and I hope I’ll be that lucky again. He bakes it at 550 on a stone and it’s pretty much The Best Ever. Lest you think I’m totally obsessed with culinary issues, I should add that it was wonderful to sit and converse with him and his wife and get to know them better. We’re thankful for them.

We had a lovely evening last night letting Jacob stay up two hours past his bedtime to play. How he loves to play with his daddy! I’m not sure which of them likes it more. It was special, since Mike is so often absent during Jacob’s waking hours. We had lots of good times just the three of us this weekend and got some sweet pictures and video clips which you’ll see eventually if you know me on Facebook.

And now I’m off for a few quiet minutes of reading and hopefully stretching some of the kinks out of my back. I’ve been having serious trouble the last week or so with neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles… I need a chiropractor in my life again. Then I must get the week’s menu and shopping list planned and do some work for Mike in selecting anthems for the church choir.

Blessings to all our dear friends in Minneapolis this week. You know who you are and we miss you lots.


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