Journal: September 26

I’m curled up on the big sofa downstairs enjoying the sunlight, streaming through the window finally after several days of perfect dreariness. Jacob is talking to himself in his bed, where he should be sleeping. Mike is due home in an hour and I am finally taking time to create a photo book of favorite wedding photos. We’ve been married close to two years and I’ve printed maybe 5 photos. Pathetic. I had an offer for a free photo book from Shutterfly and it expires tomorrow, so this is my project for the rest of the day.

Mike & I were both up before 5. Mike has to take advantage of early mornings if he ever wants to use the main recital instrument at school. I had no intention of getting up that early but I was awake and not tired and decided to get a head-start on the day. I love early mornings. They make such a difference! It’s been a productive, pleasant day in a clean house. That’s the best.

Last week was good. I had several wonderful chances for fellowship with new friends. It is so good to have Christian women in my town to fellowship with. One Starbucks date, one 2-hour walk with two ladies, and one morning at a large Bible study made for a full and encouraging week. I’m finding the fellowship is helping to start melting away the depression I’ve been fighting since moving here.

Mike’s in the thick of things. His students have their first exams today. I don’t think he has any exams for the classes he’s enrolled in, so that’s nice. He drives me crazy occasionally by hammering away at one little snippet of notes on the piano for 10 minutes at a time. I may or may not have walked past him one afternoon last week and said “I am going to kill you.” It was a joke.

His church work is going well and the people seem to really like him. He’s getting ready to plan advent stuff and we’re hosting a choir retreat here in November for them to get started on all the advent & Christmas stuff. It’s cool being in a church that tries to follow the church calendar, for the most part.

Jacob’s hilarious and such a joy to us. We are trying to teach him not to fuss at us and it’s encouraging to see him get it and learn to obey and control himself. It’s a blessing to see him begin to taste “the fruit of the Spirit” as he realizes that he can turn the fussing off if he wants to. He’s a happy kid and everywhere we go people are amazed at how happy he is. We definitely got a sweetie.

This week not much exciting is happening. I’m trying to finish up some items on my to do list that have been hanging over me far too long. I’m starting to feel more and more settled, such that when I have free time I can devote it to something creative.

As much as I love the free time and feel reluctant to compromise my chances to do things like compose or practice in precious spare moments, I really need to find some part time work to fill in the cracks in our budget. I am getting ready to advertise you-name-the-price piano lessons in my town since I think I offered a rate in my initial advertising that is just not feasible for the market here. It’s disappointing, but at this point I’ll take anything.

This weekend we are in for a big treat, since our best buddy Josh is coming to see us for a couple days. *insert happy dance*


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