House Maid, Off Duty

Dinner time in our house is when the resident house-maid goes off duty. The last thing she does is bring plates of food to the table.

Now in case you are thinking “She’s kidding, right?” let me clarify: The housemaid is me.

Confession time: I go to bed almost every night with dirty dishes in the sink. And I like it. This used to bother me, but it’s amazing what you can learn to appreciate when you rationalize things enough.

Dinner is the end of my work day. Unless you count clearing the table and putting the baby to bed, and occasionally doing all kinds of other stuff. But at least in theory, I am trying to be done when we sit down to eat. This is a new thing for me, and I decided to adopt it as M.O. when I started realizing it just happened that way frequently and dishes in the sink was giving me a perpetual guilt trip. Choosing to make it standard operating procedure has done a few great things for me:

1) I don’t feel the pressure of working around the clock. It’s nice to feel like I’m clocking out, I don’t burn out as often, and when I am working it’s more focused.

2) I get to enjoy time as a resident instead of a housemaid. My house is where I work all day so it’s nice to stop and recognize it as a home where I can rest, too. And the time to just chill on the couch with my back to the dishes is very good for our marriage.

3) It helps me honor my husband. Leaving all these things for later is my way of saying to him “You are more important to me than my house and my work.” I wouldn’t like it very much if he worked around the clock, so why should I?

4) Believe it or not, I’m finding that this routine gets my days off on the right foot. Every morning I have to start by quickly hitting the “reset” button on my workspace. When the first thing I do each day is transform chaos into order it helps re-order my heart, too, and the whole day goes better.

So this morning if you’d peaked in my kitchen window just before dawn you would’ve seen me working at warp speed. In less than 20 minutes dinner dishes were done, Mike’s lunch was packed, and breakfast was made for us to enjoy together.

I like it this way.

And now, readers, it’s time for you to come out of hiding and comment: If you are a full time wife/mom and this confession of mine has piqued your interest, I want to know what you do to take time off from being the house maid.


2 thoughts on “House Maid, Off Duty

  1. That’s funny– I often do this and feel very guilty for it! Now with three kids, it does work much better for me to tidy at night– there’s already too much to do as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning. Nap time is my break, as is Sunday. Feeling very tired and burnt out today, probably because of Mila!

    1. Praying for you, friend! I remember that age being really tough with Jacob… Just tough, emotionally, when the permanent nature of the job started to sink in and I felt overwhelmed. I’ll be praying for you. Call me sometime! Oh, and I thought of you this morning and smiled as I read Psalm 113. 😀

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