Journal: October 3

This one’s gonna be quick because I want to use Jacob’s afternoon nap today to practice the organ.

We were hanging out with Josh Samford!!!! on Saturday night and started listening to random tracks from Mike’s and my past recitals. It got me inspired again. With enough distance between me and some rocky college times, I’m finally missing organ and starting to daydream about giving a recital on the beautiful organ at our church sometime while we’re here.

Anyway, Josh Samford. He was here and it was FABULOUS, as he would say. EPIC, as I would say. And then he would make fun of me. That’s not quite all we did all weekend, but it is pretty close. We also drank butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream. And the boys drank a lot of beer. I had one or two but I just don’t like it enough to waste the calories on it. Jacob saved me a few calories at one point. I was about to take a swig and he lunged toward my beer and knocked it from my face and it spilled all over me. Go, Jacob! Josh brought him the quirkiest stuffed moose and Jacob loves it. But more about that little monkey later. Today he’s 6 months old.

Last week is a bit of a blur. I think Mike had some midterms for himself and his students. I did a lot of knocking out old projects like a long-neglected composition and finally sending in an application for a copy of Jacob’s birth certificate. I got ahead on housework Wednesday and Thursday so we could just hang with Josh this weekend, and then this weekend we undid all the housework. So here we go again.

The weather here is incredibly gorgeous after lots of drear and rain. Crisp air, Crazy-blue skies, leaves beginning to change color. It feels like a crime to be indoors, and yet here I sit, since Jacob naps twice every day it takes effort to get out the door. To that end, he and I are going to wash the car this week. And we’re spending time on the back porch a lot, Jacob playing in his stand-up frog and me reading a biography of C.S. Lewis.

Oh yes, the highlight of last week for me just might’ve been the 3 hours before Josh arrived on Friday. Mike took Jacob with him when he went to the airport and, housework done, I sat and read and played the piano and had the weirdest, weirdest feeling: Being Alone. It was delicious.


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