Journal: October 10, 2011

Jacob is down for his nap and I’ve just pulled two loaves of sandwich bread out of the oven. I started making sandwich bread from scratch last month because Smitten Kitchen’s recipe turned out beautifully and it is easy. I find it therapeutic, too, and it probably saves a few pennies here and there, it tastes better, and it’s probably healthier for us. Maybe I’ll post my version of the recipe here eventually. But for now, Wow! it smells good.

It’s another warm day here – in the high 70s. We saw 80s most of last week and the air conditioner’s back on again. I’m looking forward to the return of fall weather. Meanwhile, the trees are beautiful. I’m enjoying fall here because it takes so long. So while there is vibrant color everywhere, there’s still plenty of green hanging on.

Last week was pretty uneventful unless you count the fact that I finally got all of our financial records current and all the bills caught up. Not really worth getting excited about, I guess, but it marks the achievement of a goal I’ve been patiently working towards for months and months, and while God hasn’t given us all that we asked for, He’s given us enough to scrape by if I stretch things carefully, and we are grateful and content. It just feels good to have predictable paychecks for the first time since our first month of marriage.

In order to make the $$ stretch, I’ve begun bargain shopping at Sam’s, Walmart, and Aldi. It’s quite the expedition Jacob & I make each Tuesday after the mom’s group. It’s nice that all three stores are within view of each other, but it is going to take me weeks to get the swing of things so that I’m really shopping smart. I think it will be worth it, but it’s a lot of work.

Speaking of Jacob, I’m not sure he’s going to last many more days in his infant car seat. For one thing, we can hardly lug all 20 pounds of him around in it. That and he’s now reached its weight and height limits. So adjusting to the bigger capacity carseat is going to be an adventure, because it’s one that stays in the car instead of coming with us. That’ll make naps trickier. And I say all this just ASSUMING it will actually fit and be accessible for buckling in the back of our 2-door car. Startin’ to feel the size of that sweet ride.

Mike doesn’t get a fall break, so he is working away. He’s starting to look towards Advent & Christmas at church, planning a choir retreat in a few weeks, and also getting ready for two Halloween concerts he’ll be playing in, one at school and one at church. He’s supposed to be in costume for both, so we’ll see how that goes… Hah!

Jacob has developed a perfect giggle and a remarkable ability to sit unaided for long stretches of time. We’ve been enjoying spending some time out in the warm sun on the picnic blanket lately and Jacob is perfectly content to just sit for half an hour and play with whatever object I offer him. Means I’ve been getting some reading done! And last Friday to kick off our weekend we had pizza as a picnic for lunch when Mike got home.

Last week was week one of a new side job I’ve got, taking care of a friend’s 2yo girl. The friend just got a new job, so her daughter comes to me on Tuesday and Thursday mornings about 6:30 and I keep her until I can drop her off at daycare at 9:00. She’s a sweet, sweet kid being raised by loving, faithful, caring Christian parents. She is as much work as a 2yo, but she is a pleasure and the contrast between her and the 2yo I used to watch is striking. She loves Jacob and calls him “Jack.” I’m glad they can be friends.

Yesterday we had Sunday company for the first time since moving here. I’m not sure we’ll do much of that while we’re here because of how our schedule is and how precious those quiet afternoons are for Mike & Jacob to play together. I’d like to, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards, so that’s OK. It was refreshing yesterday, and made me miss home and all the Sunday feasting we enjoyed with our old church family.

That’s about all I’ve got. Life feels monotonous; not in a bad way, just nothing to report. We’ve caught our stride and the weeks are flying by. I’m in an unusually privileged spot, being able to stay home full time and having an easy 6 month old as my only charge. It means I’m able to keep chipping away at the never-ending mountain of “things I’d like to get done someday.” On the list for this week are washing the car and working on a long-neglected study on virtue. This morning I unpacked a box containing all the old decor/craft stuff from our wedding and got it all sorted, tossed, or stored. So these are the little ways I spend my day. Feels so trivial, but it’s life right now.

Friends coming for dinner tonight so I have to go get a shower and finish a bit more work before Mike gets home at 4:30. And resist slicing into that bread!


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