Journal: October 17

I don’t know what happened to last week, but apparently it’s Monday again, so here I am. I was horrified at how quickly September left us. October is twice as bad!

Last week Jacob had a full-blown cough/cold and he’s still all goopy from it and full of persistent coughing through the night. Aside from two days of misery, he’s taken it happily in stride, and impressed us with a sudden loss of animosity toward the nose suction bulb. Nasty invention, that, and he used to writhe under its tortures, now he just patiently lies still and smiles at us till we’re done. Little saint.

He generously gifted us with his cold so we laid low most of last week, canceling all kinds of fun plans. The result of this is that I don’t have nearly as much grocery shopping to do tomorrow, and I am perfectly happy with that.

Friday night we stayed up till 11:00 watching an entire disc of Burn Notice. Saturday night we stayed up till 11:00 sharing the basement couch and busy on our macs, Mike writing a paper, me working on an essay for this blog. It was fun to spend so much time together even if we were up way past our bedtimes!

Sunday we visited Brown County State Park here in Indiana. Wow. Gorgeous. We will be back there again, that’s certain! It was a lovely way to spend a perfectly beautiful fall day. We drove through the scenic roads, ate a picnic in the grass overlooking a wide vista, and took a mile-long hike around a lake.

This afternoon Jacob & I made an excursion to Bed, Bath, & Beyond with a $5 off $15 coupon and found three red picture frames, a water bottle for Mike, and four napkins like the ones we already have, all on clearance. Then we went to the library, got a library card, checked out a few Margaret & H.A. Rey books for Jacob (for me, really), a baby food book, a couple books on CD to relieve the tedium of housework, and Mary Beth Chapman’s recent auto-biography, Choosing to See. And now I must enjoy the rest of the peace and quiet of Jacob’s afternoon nap and finish some housework before new friends come to share pizza with us this evening. Mike is practicing figured bass on the piano upstairs and it is such a lovely sound. I love the days he comes home early!


One thought on “Journal: October 17

  1. i read choosing to see over the summer! it was really good & powerful i thought, and i’m sure that as a parent it will impact you even more so. definitely not light & fluffy like some autobiographies.

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