Journal: October 24

The humdrum routine around here is getting a serious make-over starting this week. This morning I rolled my reluctant self out of bed at 5:40 to get a head start on my day and clean up from the party we had on Saturday. Jacob got up at 7:30. (His new wake up time is going to be 7:00 from now on, instead of 8:00.) We had breakfast with Mike and then Mike left, all as usual. Jacob and I put a load of laundry in, played, and then I strapped him into the Moby wrap and we set out for a brisk 1.2 mile walk in the chilly autumn morning to meet our new friend Svana at the bus stop. Her dad dropped her off on his way to school (he’s a colleague of Mike’s) and then we began the not-so-brisk hour-long walk home. At one point I was definitely carrying both Jacob, the 2yo, and the 2yo’s bag.

And so begins my life as a sort-of Mom of two children. New friends we’ve made here had their daycare situation fall through and I’ve agreed to take her full time so her dad can go to school and her mom can work. Makes me realize how incredibly blessed I am that Mike’s situation as instructor and music director brings in most of what we need to live, and now God has graciously brought the rest of it through this new undertaking.

In a way, things will be business as usual, but it’s the little things that are changing dramatically for me, since I’ll have two little ones to care for almost 40 hours a week. I’m thankful that she is a sweetie, nothing like the terrible situation I had last year with a 2yo charge. It’s fun to have a playmate for Jacob, and a good experience for him. The challenge for me will be to try to continue keeping life happening smoothly for us with this sudden addition. So far, so good. What a blessing obedient children are!

I mentioned last week that new friends were coming for pizza… Well, last Monday night our neighbors two doors down in our townhouse development brought tortillas, cheese, and sauce, and I provided pepperoni, sausage, etc., and we built our own tortilla pizzas and had an absolutely delightful time together. They are a sweet Christian couple that moved to town a few weeks before we did. He teaches Classics at the university and she teaches nursing and works nights as an ICU nurse. She’s just wrapping up her first trimester of pregnancy. We are so, so blessed to have such lovely Christian neighbors and hope for lots of good times with them.

Wednesday night we also had friends over: a girl I met through the mom’s group. They have a daughter two months younger than Jacob and both just graduated from college last year, so both of us know what it’s like to be married in the middle of college. He’s studying to become a pastor after having done a music degree. She studied dietetics. We had great fellowship with them.

Mike has a crazy week unfolding with performances to attend or participate in every night but Wednesday and Saturday. And his old organ teacher is coming to town this weekend to give a recital on Sunday, so there’s more fun to be had there. I’ll have some quiet evenings and I’ve also managed to arrange a couple babysitters so I can attend a few of these events with Mike, which I’m excited about.

My world this week will be all about babies and ironing and helping a friend with her wedding invitations, and hopefully starting on a new children’s choir piece bouncing around in my head. And if I’m really lucky there’s a possibility that my dad could show up for an impromptu visit tonight. (Ya feelin’ the pressure, Dad?)

Wednesday of last week we took a big step of faith and signed a 2-year lease on our townhouse, effective through the summer of 2014. Gulp. That is a lot of time compared to the not-yet-two-years of our marriage thusfar. We are happy with this place and this town and Mike loves his program and intends to add a sacred music degree to his performance degree by staying an extra year. So here we are, for good or ill. Signing early meant a big bonus and a guarantee that our rent won’t go up, so we’re thankful for that.

And now both my kiddos are sleeping so I have to come up with something wild and crazy and fun to do with my free time. Maybe make bread and clean out the fridge and menu planning. Jacob could wake up any minute now…


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