Journal: November 1

Apparently yesterday was Monday. Oops. It kinda hit me like a train. And today’s train was moving twice as fast. Eesh. Anyhow, I am learning about grace in a really good way and so thankful for how God is teaching me that I can’t do life on my own strength and I need to keep coming to him for Wednesday Grace.

Speaking of needing grace, Jacob just started crying in his crib, so I guess that’s my cue to put this away and go feed him some dinner. So this will be short.

Last week was a blur but the big highlight was a visit from Dr. Rodland, Mike’s old organ teacher. It was so much fun to sit around the table with her and another St. Olaf alum and just chat the night away. The Blue Moon made it that much better…

Mike performed 3 times over the course of 6 days, so that’s pretty much what the week revolved around. And it was my first week of full-time nannying, so that added to the mix.

We are so enjoying the lovely weather that just keeps hanging on here. It’s so nice to be out of Minnesota cold!

God is faithful.


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