Jacob: 8 Months

Dear Jacob,

I can hardly believe how fast time is flying. You are not much of a baby. Just look at you up there on your daddy’s shoulders. You love it up there.

I haven’t been getting many good pictures of you because you just move so much.

When your cousin Nate was here for Thanksgiving it seemed to just trigger the last bit of motivation and interest you needed and you took off that weekend. My life is more complicated now.

Daddy & I are watching in amazement as your mind is growing as fast as your body did for those first few months. Your physical growth has slowed down a bit now, which is nice because I don’t have to keep finding you new clothes, but your little mind is just going crazy. You know when it’s time to be quiet in church. You know it’s time for a nap when we head for your room. Just today I have been delighting to watch you stop mid-grab when I say “Jacob, No.” You freeze, look at me, and then move on to something else. Of course, it doesn’t always go this way, but it is so encouraging to see that you are learning what it means to obey.

Games are so fun, and anything, repeated too many times, is a game. Tears turn into giggles when I peak around the door frame I’ve just walked out of, which is handy. Tickling and singing and blowing hair… Daddy’s favorite game is to say “One…..Two….THREE!” and then throw you up in the air. As soon as you hear “One” you get excited because you know what it means.

Your relationship with food is developing rapidly. You love to try whatever we’re having, and today you were happy to get your first taste of tuna. You got a Cheerio into your mouth all by yourself yesterday for the first time, and your favorite thing at lunch time is a big piece of bread to gnaw to bits. Sometimes the end of a meal is the beginning of a wailing fit. Sometimes you just close your mouth to say “We’re done here.” Always you love to suck on the wet washcloth we wipe your face with. Gross, gross baby.

I think bath time is still your favorite thing in the whole world and I love seeing you and your daddy enjoying your special time to hang out together. My favorite thing you do these days is your yell-singing. Sometimes you just get into a groove and you are so, so loud. You furrow your brow and usually your nose flares, and you when you’re happiest, it’s accompanied by jumping or by spinning your arms in fast, wide circles. You are all boy.

I love you more than all the hugs and kisses and snuggles in the whole world.



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