You need to try this pasta sauce.

Lots has been happening around here. Enough that the ten days I’ve been back from vacation feel like ten weeks, I rarely so much as wipe off the table for dinner, let alone set it, and I never blog.

But tonight is obviously an exception.

My boy handed me a quiet day thanks to what looked like pink-eye and turned out not to be. So the 2yo didn’t come. We got the pig-sty house in ship-shape, went to the doctor, ran a bunch of errands, and just generally played Mommy-and-Baby. It was fun. And then I decided we were due for a nice dinner, so just after 7:00, when Mike walked in from 6 hours of straight choir rehearsal, I had Jacob in bed, our wedding table cloth laid out, candles lit, and a fancy three-course dinner in the works.

Spring greens and a sweet poppy-seed viniagrette with mandarin oranges and craisins came first and then I grilled steaks which had been marinating in a bit of soy sauce and cooking wine. I say steaks and what I really mean is the beef roast I bought for the first time in months contributed two slices which I dubbed steaks. The rest got frozen for stews and such, except for two pounds now simmering in the crock pot with pepperoncinis and tomatoes and onions. But I digress. Anyhow, steaks it was, and the side dish was the winner:

Linguine, tossed with a sauce of my own concocting, which will be happening again in the future: I made a white sauce of 1 TBSP butter, 1 TBSP flour, and 1/2 c. whole milk, added a bit of salt and dry mustard, a lot of fresh cracked black pepper, and then about 1/4 c. of pureed roasted red peppers and a couple TBSPs of fresh grated parmesan. Enough said.

Dessert was crust-less cheesecake (the cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk variety) topped with cherry preserves from a sweet friend’s tree.

And it was very, very good.


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