Well hello there, blog.

So it’s been awhile. This morning I am home from church with Jacob and my sister. My sister came down with a bad stomach flu on Friday night and I have been feeling crappy too so the hour drive to church at 7:45 a.m. was not in the cards. Thankfully, the church we go to in the evenings has a fellowship dinner and afternoon service every fourth Sunday, so when Mike gets back from playing at our morning church we will go to that. For now it’s been a nice quiet morning of hymns and sermons and getting the house in order from a couple blah days so we can enjoy Sunday properly this afternoon & evenings.

I just haven’t been in a writing mood, I guess. I miss it, but there are other important things consuming me, like trying to make our grocery budget stretch and dealing with lots and lots of snotty noses and poopy pants. Hey, it’s just the way it goes. It’s been a nice winter that’s felt more like early spring in Minnesota. I have been eagerly planning a garden for the summer and planted my first seeds indoors last week. I have been enjoying a new Bible study in James at a nearby church. I have been trying hard to get Jacob to take proper naps and failing miserably. (Witness: he’s downstairs wailing away at the moment.) I have been glorying in the masterpiece that is my custom-designed Household Notebook and Planner and how it’s helping me live well and save time (and stay off the computer!). I have been enjoying a lovely case of the Valentine’s Day Stomach Flu.

And most of all, I have been eating. A ton. Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, bedtime snack… It’s all I can do to stay ahead of the hunger caused by the ravenous parasite I seem to have contracted once again. Crass? Yes, well, what did you expect? See, the thing is, most women in My Condition just puke and puke and have no appetite. I just eat. I expect this to continue for roughly the next 6 months until we have the joy of laying eyes and arms on a precious new baby in August. So there ya have it. We found out we were expecting again a couple days after Christmas. I have been so thankful for an even easier pregnancy so far than Jacob’s, which hardly seems possible. And this time I am enjoying it much more and not gaining any weight despite all the eating. In fact, I still weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Jacob, and that makes me very, very happy, since I gained almost 60 pounds with him. 60 pounds is a lot of weight to lose in 8 months and I can tell this pregnancy is going to be so much more comfortable for it.

Anyway, that’s our secret and now everyone knows. We are hoping for a brother for Jacob and we’ll get the verdict on March 28. I am due to have a c-section around the third week of August. That in itself is a long story, and one that will make its way into words one of these days.

And now to go enjoy the rest of my quiet Sunday morning. Hopefully all this feeling crappy the last 24 hours has just been pregnancy, not the slow beginning of the stomach bug Grace picked up on her plane last week. Wish me luck. There’s been enough puking in this house lately.


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