Variety Is the Spice of Life

I am pretty sure my husband and I share the same love language: teasing. Also known in our house as “giving each other crap.”

This morning was an unusual one in that I was out of bed quite early and Mike was staying home sick. At 7:15 he wandered down to talk with me about whether or not he should go to school and it degenerated from there. The man loves routine. Normal, normal, normal. He feasts on it. Meanwhile, his wife can’t seem to find enough consistency in her soul to manage to water plants daily, day after day after day. Or take a multi-vitamin. You know, some days you just need to not, right? “It’s a wonder I manage the regularity of making your lunch every morning before you leave,” I tease.

“Did you have your devotions already this morning?” I asked, already knowing the answer was yes. “And now you’re going to shower and have your shake?” Then it occurred to me: “You probably even do your shower routine in the same order don’t you?” “Yep,” he said, “Contacts, then medicine, then I brush my teeth, then I start swishing mouthwash while I Q-tip my ears, only one Q-tip, left ear first then right…” You can imagine. “And do you wait to decide what to wear until you are standing in front of the closet?” “Yes. I always choose my button-down first, then a t-shirt, pants, and tie to go with it.”

“I always try to figure out what I’m going to wear while I’m showering,” I counter. “Come to think of it, what DO you think about while you’re in the shower?” “Oh, I dunno, nothing really.” He says… I press in disbelief. “I don’t know, it varies, I guess,” he insists. You’ll understand why I find this hard to believe.

“Well you know what they say,” he explains, “Variety IS the spice of life…”


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