Yay for Sick Days?

Wednesday and Thursday Mike was home too miserable with a cold to do anything at all. That is serious business for Mike. Yesterday ended up turning into one of the best days we’ve had in a long time. It is just hard for me to be in Housework Mode when Mike is lazing around, and I love it. So we ate lunch together, we worked on a project together, and we just sat on the couch most of the afternoon and evening hanging out, watching our current favorite TV show, just chilling. And lots and lots and lots of playing with Jacob. It was so much fun to just sit around delighting in that boy and it was a feast to my soul to see him get lots and lots of playtime with his daddy. Finally about 6:30 we spontaneously decided to get Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner so we all got in the car for a mini-expedition and by 7:45 were enjoying pizza with Jacob. He got to stay up quite late, got his first experience of apple pie (his first dessert of any sort, really), and then after he went to bed around 9:00 we watched a for-real full-length movie from Red Box, something we never, ever have time or energy to do. It was such an unimpressive, unmemorable day, and yet it felt like the best the world could offer because for once we were a family, focused in on our collective self, intentionally enjoying it. It was glorious.


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