Linguine with Roast Pork and Zucchini

Last night’s spontaneous dinner (it seems that most are spontaneous these days) turned out to be a do-over. It was amazing!

Yesterday I roasted a pork loin, rubbed with a mixture of coarse mustard, olive oil, lots and lots of fresh cracked pepper and coarse salt, and some dried rosemary and thyme and oregano. I seared in a pan and then baked it open and slow starting in a 500F oven which immediately went down to 275F when the pork went in. The juices it produced as it sat on the stove after finishing, while rosemary roasted potato wedges went in, were divine. They got dumped into a skillet of sauteeing onions along with some white wine (I am cheap so I just keep a bottle of cheap cooking wine in the cupboard, but it’s good enough). And the meal was mahvelous.

More to the point: last night I got this idea that was inspired by something I saw on the Take-Home Chef: he took lots of veggies and turned them into strings, and used them as a pasta of sorts. Brilliant. So I boiled some linguine and while it was on, took a zucchini and cut it into strips to match the linguine. I tossed it in a bunch of fresh garlic and lemon juice and let it sit for awhile. I sliced four or five thin slices of the pork loin and cut them into linguine-width strips too. Then I sauteed the zucchini for a minute in olive oil, added the pork, a couple tablespoons of diced pimientos that had been in the fridge forever, and then when the pasta was done I drained it and threw it in, too. Pasta + lemon garlic zucchini + mustard herbed pork + pimientos. And to finish it off I threw in more white wine and simmered it down just another minute. I topped each bowl with fresh grated parmesan. Happy sigh.


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