Hanger Bangles

The Baby is on your hip. A large slice of apple leftover from his lunch is held between your teeth smeared with peanut butter – the second half of your lunch. Your phone is gingerly wedged into the waistband of your pocketless pants and you’ve just finished stringing 20 empty hangers onto your right arm like so many giant plastic bangles, so you can have your hand free to carry a few more things down the stairs. You turn to see that look in The Two Year Old’s eyes. The silent, desperate one that says “Pee is going to happen within 3.5 seconds.” With the apple between your teeth you begin wildly shaking free of the monstrous bangles, while you try to express the urgency of the situation… “Go go go go go! Run to the bathroom!” Only you’ve made a mistake by raising your voice in the presence of The Baby, especially with a foreign object protruding from your mouth. That is entirely too scary, and before you have even finished your “Don’t pee on the floor!” cheer, he is screaming in abject terror. Kids and Timing, I tell ya.

PS: We made it to the bathroom successfully…


3 thoughts on “Hanger Bangles

    1. Sorry to miss you yesterday, Rachel. Jacob and I were home with nasty colds and Jacob’s first fever, and Mike had a long meeting after morning worship at the church where he plays.

      1. Oh, so sorry to hear you were ill! I hope you’re back to feeling well again now. God be with you–

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