Lovely Sunday

Exhausting Saturday that started with a trip to the farmer’s market and home so Mike could replace the car brakes. Then I planted the rest of the garden from the seedlings I bought at the market, kept up the mad house cleaning I began on Friday, and made pizza for our evening together. We were so exhausted from long, busy, productive days and the hot sun we worked in that Mike and I were both falling asleep thirty minutes into our movie, though it was a pretty huge snore of a movie.

Now it’s Sunday and I actually got a good night of sleep. Came home from church to fried rice made from leftovers and odds and ends and a nice juicy mango. (Jacob would prefer to eat nothing but mango these days.) Mike put Jacob to bed and then went to bed himself, I cleaned up the kitchen and then made Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting, while listening to Piper’s biography of C.S. Lewis. When the boys gets up we’ll have cupcakes and play until church, then come home for leftover pizza, Jacob’s bedtime, and another weekly foray into Calvin’s Institutes if we can stay awake long enough. For now, I get to enjoy some quiet. Sundays are awesome.


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