Summer Vacation, Day 1

Among the important life lessons I learned today was that you can recharge a one-year-old’s battery with a 10-minute penguin puppet show over the back of your seat, and it will get you through the last 30 minutes of your trip.

That was only one of our discoveries today. I also discovered that my husband is badass (but we already knew that?) because he figured out and fixed the brake problem that could have set our entire day back. And we discovered that we can manage to drive two hours on the interstate with no air conditioning in 87 degree weather with the afternoon sun beating through the open sun roof when we have to, and the only real side effect is that the food and ice water and air conditioning at the other end feel that much better. Yes, we will have to get our air conditioner fixed now. Now that our brakes are fixed, ya know. Day in the life.

We got on the road at 6:00 EST and after losing time to the brakes, realized that well, duh, we’re gaining an hour, so we weren’t even late to meet my sister and brother-in-law in Chicago, where we hung out with them, fixed the brakes, ate Panera and Oberweis (ice cream!), and got back on our way, and only about $10 the poorer by the time we reached Wisconsin and waved goodbye to the ridiculous Chicago tolls.

That was when the air went out, and that was when we discovered that Jacob really, really digs a good puppet show, especially when he’s hot and sticky and on his 11th hour of roadtrip.

Dinner at Monk’s Bar and Grill in the Wisconsin Dells and then off to the very nice Holiday Inn Express where Jacob had his first real swim. I swear the kid is just a chubby little fish at heart. All fun, no fear. Didn’t see that coming. He rode the water slide over and over with Daddy, and each ride I would swim a lap, so I got a nice relaxing swim.

Anyway, we’re having a great time and enjoying some quiet, alone time before two weeks of partying it up with friends. We are enjoying each other, enjoying the northern terrain we miss, and enjoying Jacob so much. Tonight as we sang to him before bed he reached out to hold my hand. That was a first, and it made this mommy heart melt away.

And now we are going to see who falls asleep first to an episode of our favorite TV show.

Tomorrow: Minnesota or Bust. Who needs air conditioning?


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