Couldn’t have said it half so well…

I’ve been gorging myself on Andree Seu, thanks to Rachel’s gift, and this morning I read a wonderful piece on Charles Wesley’s hymns, the beginning and ending of which I wanted to note here.

If you wish to abide in Jesus, it is important to pray constantly and to be in His word. When the flesh makes it hard to pray and read, I find that it is never hard to sing a hymn. Walking the dog and weary of my prayer list, I suddenly remember a melody and climb up on my Father’s lap, as it were, and serenade Him. Where is the man so brutish that he does not like to sing?

And this is not cheating; it is the gift of God to the prayer challenged (“addressing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,” Ephesians 5:19)….

Hymns are good because when I’m singing, I’m not sinning. The fact is that without them, even walking the dog in the morning can be a hazardous occupation.

Yes, yes, and yes.


4 thoughts on “Couldn’t have said it half so well…

  1. Andree Seu is one of my favorites! I only wish I remembered more hymns! (But, thanks to you, I’m making progress.)\

  2. πŸ™‚ esp. the last paragraph. Many a sin of the heart have I been spared through the lines of “Trust and Obey.”

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