Summer Day

So many of our days this summer are just so full and sweet, and this one feels particularly satisfying now that I have my feet up. This morning I got up early as usual for a summer day and got to spend half an hour working on the garden since it was only about 70 degrees out, instead of 80 going on 100. The break in the heat wave, and the handful of rain showers over the weekend, are so welcome. Of course, I brilliantly chafed the skin right off my palm with the trowel as I dug weeds and didn’t notice till I was done, and the stinging hasn’t let me forget all day. Oops.

I got Jacob up and he and I did a few chores and played a bit and chatted with my heaven-sent neighbor-friend awhile. Then we went across town for a play date with some friends, stopping along the way to drop off a package at the post office and some checks at the bank. I sat outside chatting with my friend at the park down the street from her house while Jacob played alongside her three little boys and then we walked home for PBJ. From there Jacob and I went to the bakery outlet, Walmart, and Sam’s, and the poor boy was crazy-tired by the time we stopped at our last store, talking up a storm from his perch in the shopping cart more than he ever does, positively inebriated with exhaustion. I tried to keep him awake on the hot, sweaty drive home but it was not to be and he enjoyed a 3-minute nap, oblivious to my tickles and pokes, before we pulled up to our house. Mike carried him off to bed and helped me bring in the groceries and after an hour I finished my work upstairs and went to deal with paper stacks at my desk in the basement. That’s when I heard Jacob babbling, and so I feel almost certain that the child never went back to sleep.

He played beside me while I put the finishing touches (for now) on the reorganization I’ve been doing since my mom sent me 15 or 20 boxes of stuff I’d left behind with my childhood. Everything has a place, most of it in the dumpster out back, and now I can spend time little by little over the fall sorting through this or that file and paring it all down to the real keepers. The nursery closet is functional and feels spacious, and all is right in the world. The crib is set up, the girl clothes are clean and awaiting an occupant, and the rocker is in the den next to a half-empty shelf where I will park myself for the better part of the next 3 months. I’ve even found the bassinet I wanted for upstairs and a girlie boppy pillowcase on Craigslist in the last two days for ridiculously great prices. I think we are go for launch.

We pan-grilled hamburgers for dinner and then Jacob and I went to pick up the last few messes in the basement and vacuum the carpet while Mike worked on his paper for class. Then we celebrated summer (as if the burgers weren’t enough) with a Pinterest find: vanilla ice cream, lemon-lime soda, and fresh squeezed limes, blended into a shake. Mike & Jacob played outside while I watered the garden and then I cleaned up the kitchen while Jacob got his bath. We sat down to read a Psalm and sing a hymn with Jacob and then put him to bed where he is now humming and grunting to his silly self. Mike is settled in on the basement couch to write his paper and I am in the rocker across from him with a stack of library books beside me to continue my study of perennials & wildflowers, and I am loving my peaceful life.


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