Got a Salmon Thing Going, Apparently

Two days before Jacob was born this is what I wrote.

Well, the c-section for Baby Girl is scheduled for Thursday morning. An intriguing salad I saw on Pinterest last night mutated into a plan for a nice Sunday afternoon today, so we got home from church and I put water on to boil quinoa and we got Jacob his lunch and I set about getting food ready. Two green bell peppers, a small zucchini, a bunch of cilantro, and a huge crop of red and yellow cherry tomatoes went into this recipe, which I altered by adding the pepper, using frozen and canned corn, and the black beans will have to appear tomorrow in round two after grocery shopping.

Got that in the fridge, straightened up the mess in the house, and set a filet of salmon to warm up. After Jacob went down I solved my urge for grown-up drinks creatively with stuff on hand by making a non-alcoholic little punch with lemon juice, syrup made of fresh mint, cranberry juice, and Sierra Mist. Over ice, in wine glasses, with a sprig of fresh mint, and it looked the part anyway.

After we sat and enjoyed Fernando Ortega and a photo album for awhile and the salad had chilled a bit I seared the salmon in olive oil over high heat, brushed with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, cumin, and salt, till the skin was crunchy and almost black. It was the perfect pair with the quinoa salad!

Now I’m enjoying my Sunday quiet with both boys in bed by listening to this biography of George Mueller and making another batch of a cookie we enjoyed this week, and it wouldn’t be hard to guess the secret ingredient if you saw my garden.

The urge to cook a proper meal was partly instigated by Mike teasing me the other day for serving cereal, grilled cheese, and banana pancakes as our three meals of the day. Of course I protested that there was oat flour in the pancakes and I played a veggie card with peas at lunch, but he had a point. Not that he minds. I have been doing whatever is as easy as possible the last few weeks, and it was time for one last adventure before they slit me open.

And it’s always fun to put Jacob to bed and feel like a grown-up at the dinner table.


One thought on “Got a Salmon Thing Going, Apparently

  1. I’m confused, honey: before Jacob was born? You’re having a C-section THIS Wednesday? Your menu sounds marvelous…but tenses?? Must just be me; but I’ve re-read it….and then re-read it. But in these last weeks before a new baby, it’s amazing that you write at all…and I enjoyed the whole thing! Love you VERY much. Nonnie

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