Jacob: 17 Months

Dear Jacob,

This month was a life-changer for you. You impressed us with how you went the flow as we sent you off with this and that friend for half a week when your sister was born. Then we got home and you started to adjust. You loved her from the start but you didn’t know what to think when she cried and usually you’d end up in a weeping puddle in our arms.

After a few days you settled in and your dad wisely figured out that what you needed was a place to fit in and a way to make it better. So we’ve employed you for the last couple weeks giving kisses, fetching pacis, pillows, and blankets, and throwing away diapers and tissues. Lots and lots and lots of tissues. You brought home a horrible cold from all your partying when Meredith was being born and passed it generously to all of us.

You’ve grown so much this month and just in the last day or two you’ve started saying your first genuine words, thanks to your Grandma’s seasoned skills. She’s teaching you how to say your favorite things and we can tell what you are trying to say when you screw up your little mouth and carefully, precisely pronounce “Flag,” “Ball,” or “Light.” It all sounds about the same but we know anyway.

You now climb stairs like a big guy instead of crawling up them, and you got big enough to climb up the garden wall all by yourself. You love to pick tomatoes, though they are usually still green and you won’t hear of tasting them yourself.

You love lights for some reason and positively beg for us to turn them on wherever you find them. You’ve gotten so good at helping with laundry and other household chores. You still love music and playing outside and pushing any object you can find through the house. You’ve enjoyed Grandma’s visit, even though you’ve been a little suspicious of her.

You also love to pray and that got us through the first hard days home from the hospital before Grandma came to help when Mommy couldn’t lift you, you were sick, and Meredith’s cries made you upset. We’d arrive at a moment of crisis and you’d hold my hand to pray and it would calm you immediately. That’s been the best thing for me this past month – leaning on Christ when we have no strength in ourselves. I want to teach you that more than anything. I’m thankful for your sweet willing spirit and how it’s taught me to pray more.

One of the cutest moments you had this month was yesterday when we got home from church. It rained all day long, leftovers of Tropical Storm Isaac washing up through the midwest, and after the long, hard drought we’ve had this summer I doubt if you even knew the sight of rain. You were bewildered at first and warmed to it quickly and when we got home from church you stayed outside on the deck splashing around and feeling it on your face and came in a sopping mess. It was one of those moments that make life good.

Maybe I’m just too tired to remember other important parts of this past month but I think I’ve about covered it… except for the snapshots, and there were almost too many to choose from this month, most of them captured by Grandma. They speak for themselves.

I love you,


One thought on “Jacob: 17 Months

  1. Oh, my, what incredible blessing! Thank you so much, Susan, for giving me a window on your and your whole family’s life this way! Love to all!


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